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Hi, I'm Aleise

I'm passionate about helping people unlock their full amazing potential through mindset and performance coaching. My mission is to empower individuals from all walks of life to overcome limiting beliefs and make transformative shifts in their mindset to live their best life.

As a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Master Practitioner, I specialise in using simple yet powerful techniques to reprogramme unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours. I'll help you have a massive positive impact on your self-belief, motivation, relationships and overall well-being.

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Are you currently...

  • struggling to cope with stress, anxiety, or feelings of overwhelm?

  • struggling with imposter syndrome?

  • at odds with your partner or other loved ones?

  • battling with self-doubt and lack of confidence?

  • constantly repeating unhealthy habits and behaviours?

  • battling with negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs?

  • feeling stuck and lacking direction in your life or career?

Do you want to...

  • get more clarity on what you want in life?

  • boost self-confidence and develop a more positive self-image?

  • beat your imposter syndrome?

  • become more resilient and bounce back from setbacks?

  • improve your focus, clarity and make better decisions?

  • improve your relationships?

  • enhance your performance in personal and professional goals?

My services


Mindset Coaching

Essentially, we work together to figure out what you want to change in life, what you want life to be like instead, and I help you get there.  


We focus on rewiring your mindset, improving your habits and behaviours, and boosting your performance. I’ll work closely with you to identify any limiting thoughts or patterns holding you back.


Together, we'll challenge those beliefs and replace them with an empowered mindset tailored just for you and your goals. We'll use a range of techniques  to truly transform how you think and get you unstuck.


Leadership Coaching

My personalized approach focuses on uncovering your unique strengths, identifying blind spots, and pinpointing areas for improvement.


Through tailored sessions, you'll develop better communication and decision-making skills, and be better equipped to motivate your teams.  You'll learn to effectively navigate challenges, prioritise competing demands, and manage the many hats you wear on a daily basis.


Are you ready to maximize your impact as a leader (and still have time for a life outside of work)? Let's get started on this transformative journey together!


ADHD Coaching

 I provide a supportive, judgment-free zone to tackle the self-criticism, anxiety, people-pleasing patterns, procrastination, and overwhelm holding you back. 


We'll dismantle beliefs fueling negative self-talk and self-doubt. You'll develop self-compassion practices that allow you to flow with your brilliant neurodivergent strengths rather than battling against them, and transform how you view yourself and your unique thought processes.


No more forcing yourself to fit a neurotypical mold -  it's time to thrive by embracing your exceptional, authentic self.

  • 3 x 1 hour online sessions

  • Additional Support Material

  • Self Reflection and Activities in between sessions that align with your goals

  • Follow up email between sessions

  • $400

6 Week Package

12 Week package

  • 6 x 1 hour online sessions

  • Additional Support Material

  • Self Reflection and Activities in between sessions that align with your goals.

  • Follow up email between sessions

  • $775

Discovery call

  • 20 minute online session to discuss your needs and if we are a good fit

  • FREE

Single session

  • 1 hour online session

  • $150

Work with me...

Why book a package over a single session?​


I get it - life can feel overwhelming at times and you might be tempted to just book a single coaching session to get a quick fix. But here's the thing - real, lasting change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, effort, and consistency.That's why I always recommend my coaching packages over one-off sessions. When you commit to multiple sessions, we get the opportunity to really dig deep, unpack your challenges, and develop personalised strategies to help you achieve your goals. It's like going to the gym once versus signing up for a full training program - which one is going to get you lasting results? With a coaching package, you get my dedicated support and accountability over an extended period. We build rapport and momentum as we work through your roadblocks session by session. Plus, those check-ins help keep you motivated and on track!However, single sessions are always available if that is where you want to start off.

Over a couple of coaching sessions, Aleise helped me to address my horse-riding related fears. I had had some bad falls and quite serious injuries, and had really lost my confidence. Working with Aleise made an immediate difference to my thought patterns and how I felt about getting on my horse. I noticed my confidence has kept improving since the sessions and I’m really enjoying riding without the associated anxiety. I’m having fun again!

Jenna, NZ

Working with Aleise is an empowering process. I was suffering from anxiety during events that I didn’t want to stop doing. Without judgement, she used her NLP expertise to rewire my brain with care and understanding. I have since attended events with zero anxiety symptoms. I absolutely endorse Aleise and the techniques she uses so you can achieve what ever it is you want to achieve.

Melanie, NZ

Working with Aleise has been a game-changer for me. My inner critic was so loud and I was constantly feeling overwhelmed. She’s helped me quiet the inner voice and have a calmer, more focused mindset. I’m feeling more in control instead of controlled by my ADHD. Highly recommend Aleise's coaching for anyone struggling.

James, Sydney

Getting leadership coaching with Aleise has been amazing! She's so understanding and never makes me feel judged. She really pushes me to think hard about things, which I love because it helps me grow. After every session, I feel like I have clear steps to take, which is super helpful. Honestly, I never want our sessions to end because I always leave feeling inspired and ready to take on the world!

Sarah, NZ


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